BraSpirits is more than a Brazilian spirits import company. It is a movement, a synergy, a convergence of efforts of Brazilian Associations of Craft Cachaças, producers and lovers of this so sublime product from Brazilian history. BraSpirits brings to Europe the best and from the best stills in Brazil. This is our mission, to bring to the Europeans a genuinely Brazilian product, full of symbology, tradition, history, quality and Brazil.

Bistro Cambéba.

Cambéba CopperStill

A tour in an amazing and charming bistro, a breathtaking view. Believe me, it's impossible not to remember Tuscany around here. To complete the experience, this is not a bistro. The dishes are of high gastronomy (and well-priced) signed by Chef du Cuisine Mercier Lacroix, graduated from the largest Le Cordon Bleu Gastronomy School, based in Paris - France. In the wine list, a good choice of national and imported labels, in addition, of course, harmonization with pure cachaça. The outside area of the restaurant even has heaters to take more comfort to the client. It is common in cold times to do 46 fahrenheit degrees at night there. "We have already scored 39 degrees here," says Galeno Cambéba. One more reason that makes of the place, the Tuscany of the Goiás State.